The right diet for a perfect tan!

Booked your vacation? Bags packed? Right, all that’s needed now is the hardest part: prepare your skin correctly so you can boast a glowing golden tan on your return.


Your diet is all important if you want radiant, well moisturized skin!

Yes, it is! Nutrition and wellness – and not just physical, but also psychological and emotional wellness – are two inseparable traveling companions: you are (and will be) what you eat! 


A good diet improves your beauty. Restore your inner balance by following a few rules for healthy living and a suitable diet to guarantee powerful anti inflammatory action.


Here are a few tips about which foods are best to eat to ensure that your skin is ready to receive the full benefits of the sun.


-       Choose foods that are rich in carotene

Carrots, tomatoes, melon, apricots and green leafy vegetables all stimulate the synthesis of melanin. Perfect for preparing your skin to receive the sun and build up an enviable tan.

-       Never forget the power of Vitamins

Always order dishes that are rich in vitamins, as these provide valuable antioxidants. Oily fish contains Vitamin A; cereals and vegetable oils abound in Vitamin E.

-       Revitalize your skin

Freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of water each morning will help purify the skin and prevent redness.


But that’s not all. As Loretta Pizio, Dermophisiologique’s founder and CEO, often says:  Just as the food we choose to eat builds our bodies, so do the cosmetic products we use dictate the quality of our skin.


To best prepare your skin for exposure to the sun, not only should you have a healthy balanced diet, but also use a few top quality cosmetic products: Dermophisiologique products and treatments offer you personalized solutions to suit your specific skin type!


Perfect before and after tanning, Perle Gommage is a rich creamy exfoliant based on Jojoba microspheres: it frees face and body skin of impurities and dead skin cells, and leaves your skin radiant and super soft.


During and after exposure to the sun, we recommend protecting your skin with carefully selected  photostable, certified and non absorbing filters, such as those in our Chrono Age® Sun line: medium and high protection products guarantee a safe, even tan while also protecting your skin; the Soothing After-Sun Cream specifically repairs any damage caused by oxidation and photo-aging, as well as providing immediate relief for the skin after being in the sun.


So, don’t forget to pack some Dermophisiologique traveling companions. Ready to go? 







Claudia – Dermophisiologique Beautician

She is tough, very tough. She takes any imperfection as a challenge. 

For her there is no skin that cannot become beautiful! Her secret weapon: massage!