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Self-Tanning: how to get your best ever tan!

The sunny season is finally upon us, and we all want to start showing off our summer look. However, if we’ve yet to get the opportunity to sunbathe (or it’s not an option for us), self-tanning products can be a valuable ally, for a golden tan.


Unlike UV lamps or sunbathing without the proper precautions (without applying sun protection and thinking that will speed up a tan, for instance), self-tanning products are not harmful for our skin! As well as giving our skin a natural sun-kissed look, they also help even out the color and cover any imperfections, such as dyschromia or broken capillaries.


Dermophisiologique has developed its Chrono Age® Sun Self-Tanning lotion with active, pigmenting DHA and Erythrulose, a sugar with a gradual, lasting tanning effect on the skin upon exposure to oxygen.


However, there are a few things we need to do before, during and after using a self-tanning product.


First of all, we need to start by exfoliating the skin at least 24 hours before applying a self-tanning product. Treatments such as Perle Gommage for the body and Carbon Mask for the face help eliminate impurities and dead skin cells. Critical areas, like the elbows, knees, and heels, require extra attention. 


Then there is the matter of applying a self-tanning product: the skin must be well hydrated, but dry, clean and cream free. Warm a little amount of product in the palms of our hands and then massage this evenly into the skin until completely absorbed to guarantee uniform distribution. When applying to the legs, it’s best to start at the feet and work upwards, while on the face we should start in the center, working outwards, fading the intensity towards the hairline and the ears, just as we would with foundation makeup.

 Of course, the actual tan will depend on your phototype and skin type. It’s a good idea to apply the self-tanning product for 2-3 consecutive days until you get the color you want, after which you only to re-apply it once or twice a week to maintain your tan.

To finish, apply a specific moisturizer to suit your skin type, as this will help fix the color.


If time is short, or you prefer to rely on the expert hands of Dermophisiologique professionals, try our exclusive Beauty Suntan Express treatment that guarantees glowing skin and a golden tan in just 30 minutes.


Finally, you must remember that, even if your skin is already tanned after using a self-tanning product, you still have to use the correct Chrono Age® Sun protection factor, because self-tanning does not stimulate the production of melanin and so does not protect the skin from sunburn or sun damage.






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