Seborrheic Skin: instructions for use!

We’re all familiar with the main problems caused by greasy skin: spots, open pores, and shiny, thickened skin are some of the characteristics of this skin type.

In order to treat such skin safely and effectively, especially during the summer months, we must understand it. And summer can be a nightmare for those with oily skin, calling for special attention.


So, what are the causes?

Let’s start by looking at the causes: these may be genetic (larger than normal sebaceous glands),  hormonal (such as during puberty) or the result of mental stress.


And the solution?

Let’s see how best to moisturize seborrheic skin. First and foremost, use a non aggressive cleanser suitable for oily skin. The skin needs to be calmed, moisturized and toned and then the sebum production normalized as part of any beauty routine, when applying makeup or, in the case of men, shaving.


Dermophisiologique has created the Seboline range to help you control and counter the real causes for seborrheic skin. These products have the ability to act on each physiological and anatomical alteration at the root of any skin damage.


Seboline consists of four products with active principles in high concentrations plus the exclusive patented Pentalpha® to normalize sebum production, specific acids (Pyruvic and Salicylic Acids) and a mix of minerals with sebostatic action.


Sebogel is a well tolerated cleanser. Soap and preservative free, it cleanses the skin deep down without drying it.  Sebostop is a light, creamy gel for daily cleansing of the face. Skins that are prone to acne will benefit from intensive treatment with Acnestop cream gel.

New to this line is Sebolift, specifically designed for the daily antiage treatment of impure skin: it controls skin greasiness, improves skin texture and color, smoothes the skin and extends any wrinkles.


Applied morning and night to carefully cleansed skin, Seboline products help guarantee total skin comfort, all day long.






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