Orange-peel skin: start fighting cellulite today!

Anyone can be affected by orange-peel skin. Regardless of whether you’re young or old, thin or curvy, you might despair at the appearance of unsightly dimples in your skin. Indeed, no fewer than 85% of all women of any age or physical constitution suffer from this condition.


There are many factors leading to cellulite: some people are genetically prone, others may have a hormonal imbalance, circulation problems, a sedentary lifestyle or an unhealthy diet.


Just how well do you know the symptoms and stages of this dreaded condition? 

Let’s start by understanding just what it is: cellulite is an inflammatory process that takes place in the fatty tissues in the skin and may even exist in the absence of excessive adipose tissues. It is an alteration caused by inflammation of all the structural components of the tissues, especially the veins and lymph vessels responsible for correct draining of localized fluids.


There are three stages in the development of cellulite: first there is the “edematous” stage, where fluids accumulate in the fat cell interstices, followed by the “fibrotic” stage, when the fluid retention becomes more “structured” owing to an increase in collagen and elastic fibers surrounding the adipose tissues, the veins and the lymph vessels.  Finally, there is the “sclerotic” stage, when the fibers consolidate and harden.


The symptoms and look of cellulite are varied and numerous:

-       Pain on pressure and palpation,

-       Alterations in skin temperature and color,

-       The classic “orange-peel” or “cottage-cheese” look (initial edematous stage) and the  “mattress” look (more advanced fibrotic and sclerotic stages),

-       Depressions appear in the skin, dimples and even “pits”,

-       The skin feels hard and “stuck” to deeper levels of the skin.


Many feel that to try to fight blemishes caused by cellulite is like fighting a losing battle. However, there is a lot you can do with commitment and constancy. Of course, the earlier you start, the better the results.


Firstly, you need to change your lifestyle: make the effort to eat a well balanced healthy diet, rich in fruit and vegetables. This means cutting down on salt and all those foods that increase the risk of fluid retention. Another key aspect is regular, constant physical activity to improve the circulation, reduce the accumulation of fat and speed up the metabolism.
Also helpful in the battle against cellulite: drink lots of water and draining herbal infusions during the day to boost the elimination of fluids and cut down on tobacco, alcohol and coffee, as these substances increase fluid retention and adversely affect the circulation.


A major ally in your fight against cellulite: daily use of specific creams that can help minimize the flaws caused by cellulite, leaving your skin smoother and fresher.


To help you in this battle, Dermophisiologique has developed for you its CellulHiTech Line. With exclusively liquid crystal microemulsions to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and specifically target the 3 phenomena responsible for a loss in fat disposition and normal skin morphology: fluid retention, hardening of skin tissues and alterations in adiposity.


The line consists of the Cellubloc Cream and Serum containing exclusive patented technologies specifically developed to treat all the beauty flaws caused by cellulite, restructure the tissues at all levels and reactivate skin metabolism: for a visibly improved silhouette, more even color, and firmer, smoother skin.


Physical exercise and a healthy, well balanced diet accompanied by the use of specific creams can be your secret weapons when it comes to making orange-peel skin less evident and less visible. 







Claudia –Dermophisiologique Beautician

She is tough, very tough. She takes any imperfection as a challenge. 

For her there is no skin that cannot become beautiful! Her secret weapon: massage!