Every year, October is the month dedicated to raising awareness of breast cancer, the symptoms of which are still often ignored by women.

1 out of 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in Italy, yet just over a third of all cases could be avoided. How?


Early detection continues to be the most effective tool in fighting this dangerous enemy.  No matter what a woman’s age, regular checking is key. Women are being encouraged to get to know how their breasts look and feel through self-examination and then have annual gynecological check-ups from the age of 25 to 40 and undergo breast screening (mammography) every two years after the age of 50.

Never ignore any alarm bells: this is crucial in the fight against breast cancer.

Lumps (nodules) or changes in the shape of the nipple or breast, redness or changes in skin texture, nipple discharge (blood or milk) and swelling in the axillary (underarm) area are all symptoms that must never be ignored.

Medical prevention goes hand in hand with appropriate daily preventive measures:  we all know that a poor diet, low in fruit and vegetables, and rich in animal fats, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle all adversely affect our health and so should be avoided.


This October Dermophisiologique supports the Italian “Beauty and Prevention” project thanks to its Seno 3D “Special Pink Edition” Kit – Breast Firming Cream and Volumizing Serum – at a special offer price of € 99 instead of € 165.

Seno 3D is a line of products developed specifically for the breasts, with marked volumizing, tensioning and firming effects while perfectly respecting the mammary glands and without altering the hormone system.


Every Dermophisiologique beauty center is currently actively engaged in a breast awareness campaign, with tips for clients on how best to enhance the beauty of their breasts and décolleté with specific beauty products and treatments, as well as ensuring they understand that prevention and early diagnosis are the best way to fight breast cancer!








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