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Recourse to dietary supplements is on the increase. You’ve probably used them yourself to top up or balance your nutritional needs. But what are they for, how do they work and, above all, how to choose the right one to meet your requirements?


Dietary supplements are called for when, for one reason or another, there is something lacking in your diet.  A poor/unbalanced diet can lead to problems felt throughout the body, including your skin. More specifically, the physiology and structure of your skin can be affected, leading to aesthetic problems: uneven color, scaling, roughness, sagging and premature aging.


A correct, well balanced diet is important: what we eat, how we eat it, how much we eat and how often are all key factors that influence our general wellness. Dietary supplements are particularly helpful if we are not eating properly or there is a change in our dietary needs (periods of great stress, change of season, weight loss/gain, etc.), as they provide essential nutrients to guarantee correct cellular turnover, good skin barrier and regular hydration.


Alongside its many traditional skincare products, Dermophisiologique also offers three dietary supplements targeting three specific functions to guarantee global wellness.



Are you looking to counter oxidative stress, want to boost your skin’s defenses against chronoaging or photoaging or need to prepare your skin to get the best out of the sun?  If so, Chrono Age® Sun is the dietary supplement for you. Just two capsules a day (preferably in the morning) will guarantee your body the right amount of antioxidants. Rich in Vitamins A, C and E plus Papaya extract, this supplement encourages the renewal of the epidermis and the production of Collagen and Selenium to protect the elasticity of your skin.


If, on the other hand, you’re in the process of getting beach ready, add Liposnell to your diet. This boosts cell metabolism thanks to active principles such as  Synephrine, Caffeine and Green Tea to induce lipolysis, plus Guarana and Fucus  to stimulate the metabolism and so help control body weight. Also contains Birch (Betula) extract, a natural diuretic, that encourages the elimination of excess water and other substances, thus removing toxins from the body. We recommend taking two capsules a day (check first with your beautician and read the warnings). Two to be taken in the morning; alternatively, one in the morning and one at lunch, always with a full glass of water.


Is fluid retention a constant worry? Dermodren is on your side: two capsules a day (preferably in the morning) will help flush toxins from the body, improve gastrointestinal function and boost venous/lymphatic circulation to reduce any buildup of fluids in the body. Orthosiphon and Nettle stimulate diuresis, while Centella Asiatica helps restore correct peripheral circulation.

Burdock and Dandelion facilitate the digestion and metabolism of your food, at the same time stimulating liver, gut and kidney function. What’s more, they also help protect and re-balance venous/lymphatic circulation.


Remember that true global wellness is only possible when, in addition to taking dietary supplements, you also eat a healthy, well balanced diet suited to the season, and engage in physical activity. This is particularly true now, when we need to “reawaken” our bodies after the winter.  






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