Male grooming: look after your skin in just five steps!

Who decreed that skincare is the exclusive prerogative of women?

Far from it – modern man puts a lot of effort into looking good. This includes choosing the right male grooming products: practical products designed for the man on the go, yet comfortable on the skin.


Male skin differs physiologically from female skin. Sebaceous glands are larger in male skin, as these are stimulated by testosterone, meaning that a man’s skin is oilier and greasier, and so more prone to imperfections. Not to mention the daily shave – an abrasive process that removes the natural hydrolipidic film and can result in dry, irritated, inflamed skin.


Follow our expert’s male grooming tips and care for your skin in just 5 steps.



Cleanse your skin every day, after the gym or playing sport using a gentle cleanser for face and body. One that will remove impurities, sweat and excess sebum without altering the skin’s natural protective barrier.



After shaving it is crucial that you restore the hydrolipidic film, soothe the skin and use an astringent product to prevent irritation and the feeling of “tight” skin. A soothing aftershave serum is ideal.

The biotechnological formulation of Dermophisiologique’s D MAN  SOOTHING AFTERSHAVE SERUM is based on plant phospholipids and polysaccharides, plus an active antioxidant complex of polypeptides, vitamins, and Orchidea Maschio extract to refresh the skin and boost suppleness. 



D Man ANTI AGE FACE CREAM is the ideal product to counter the signs of aging and slack skin. This face cream for men is based on Matrikine and Ceramide 2, plus Jojoba Oil that minimizes the formation of free radicals, leaving the skin super smooth and supple. Quickly absorbed and non-greasy.



The eyes play an important role too: eye contour cream is a fundamental male beauty product. Hydrating and anti-age for a fresh, well-rested look, eye contour cream helps prevent bags and shadows under the eyes and slows down the signs of aging.



Keep your skin free of impurities and dead cells to speed up cell renewal and guarantee the effectiveness of specific face treatments. Dedicate a few minutes once a week to a deep cleansing session using scrubs and skin purifiers, such as CARBON MASK with its micro-pearls of activated charcoal.


The best beauty routine to really care for male skin does not start and end at home: contact your local Dermophisiologique salons for a checkup and customized advice from one of our beauty experts.





Claudia –Dermophisiologique Beautician

She is tough, very tough. She takes any imperfection as a challenge. 

For her there is no skin that cannot become beautiful! Her secret weapon: massage!