Hydration: your secret password for skin after vacation!

During the summer months, the sun, the sea, salt water, and even air travel cause extra stress for the skin, resulting in a dry, dull complexion on your return.

September is, therefore, the ideal month to start a new beauty routine to restore your skin’s natural softness and vitality, with the added bonus of prolonging your tan.

Secret password: hydration!




The human body is 70% water, so our first beauty secret is (no surprise here) to drink a lot of water. This will ensure that your skin is always well hydrated, youthful and radiant.

Direct action on the body, keeping the skin tissues fully hydrated from the inside.




A relaxing bath is just what you need to hydrate the skin, but beware hot water! Much better to have a warm bath, as hot water will only stress your body more.

To boost the beneficial action of water on the whole organism, and turn a bath into a proper wellness treatment, why not add a couple of capfuls of our Balneoil bath oils? Balneoil ROS to detox and rebalance, ideal for dry and sensitive skin, or Balneoil BAGNATTIVO, with its tonic and soothing action to restore the skin’s natural defenses.




Restore your skin’s sense of well-being by applying an intensely re-hydrating cream: your skin will soon feel soft and smooth again, and supple.

Always use the richest, thickest creams at night and choose creams with a light, delicate texture during the day, such as Hydracare SPF 8.

For the body, we recommend our Nutricare cream, with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E with intensive nourishing action, and the after-sun cream in our Chrono Age® Sun line to soothe and soften the skin, and re-epithelize damaged areas (perfect for the city too).


Day by day, Dermophisiologique helps you maintain the right levels of hydration to ensure your skin is always youthful, plump, soft and silky.







Claudia –Dermophisiologique Beautician

She is tough, very tough. She takes any imperfection as a challenge. 

For her there is no skin that cannot become beautiful! Her secret weapon: massage!