Focus on Pregnancy: what happens to the female body during those nine months?

Many countries have just celebrated Mother’s Day – the day dedicated to the most important woman in our lives. However, before becoming a mother, a woman faces nine tricky, turbulent months.


For any woman pregnancy is a crucial time for her health and figure: an expectant woman’s body is subject to various major somatic changes caused by altered hormone output.

Yet during those nine months and the postpartum period, she can exploit and emphasize the positive effects of these hormones, and even counteract the often encountered adverse effects that lead to the appearance of aesthetic flaws in her face and body.


But what exactly happens to the female body?

The collagen fibers in the dermis weaken and the elastic fibers are relaxed, leading to a loss in skin tone.

The circulation alters: the vessels dilate and their permeability increases, accompanied by a reduction in venous and lymphatic drainage. At the same time, muscle tone and elasticity also decrease.


These changes can cause many a beauty issue.


77% of women get stretch marks, due both to mechanical relaxation of the skin tissues and to the weakening of the collagen and elastic fibers. Stretch marks may appear on the abdomen, the outside of the thighs, the buttocks, the hips and the breasts.


Pregnant women may also develop edematous cellulite (orange-peel effect) due to water retention and increased adipose tissue. To avoid this, weight control is crucial, as is muscle tone.


Pigmentation problems may also occur, caused, in most cases, by the female sex hormones stimulating the activity of the melanin-producing cells. Melasma on the face is one of the most common beauty issues during pregnancy.


From the fifth month onwards, two further problems may appear: dehydrated skin and itchiness, due to dryness and increased sweating. It is therefore essential that the skin is kept well moisturized, and cleansed using surfactant-free products.


The body, now getting ready to accommodate, nurture and protect the developing fetus, will never be the same, but this change should be approached with awareness and serenity. Trust in your Dermophisiologique Beauticians: a specially designed program of beauty treatments developed to counter all those aesthetic problems typically met before, during and after pregnancy let future moms not only maintain the physiological balance of their skin as much as possible, but also indulge in moments of relaxation to promote bodily and psychological well-being.


At home, you can follow a specific homecare program for each stage of pregnancy, as well as for regaining your figure. These programs ensure you optimize the results of professional beauty treatments and spend a little time each day dedicated to enhancing your beauty at this unique time in any woman’s life. 






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