#Bclear – Transparent Wellness of Dermophisiologique
#Bclear – Transparent Wellness of Dermophisiologique

Since its founding, Dermophisiologique’s mission has been to be a world leader in the sector of professional beauty products by pursuing rigorous quality criteria and business ethics: use of excellent active ingredients, patented and certified state-of-the art products, as well as investments in research for the development of new cosmetic methodologies.


2015 has been an important year for us because being awarded B Corp Certification reaffirmed that the choice we made years ago in terms of adhering to rigorous quality standards was correct and farsighted, and that our goal to contribute in the development of a conscious and respectful business model has been acknowledged.


But we don’t stop here: B Corp Certification is at once a stimulus and a challenge to continue improving and pursuing high standards of transparency and ethics, by making information and “sensitive” documents accessible, and always keeping steadfastly with our commitment to produce value for our partners, our company, and the environment.


B Clear is one of our watchwords: transparent wellness. And Dermophisiologique, indeed, ensures transparency in all phases of the production process necessary to arrive to the finished product: in-depth analysis of the quality of raw materials, excipients and  products prior to purchasing them, certified suppliers, use of certified, state-of-the-art equipment and tools, highly qualified personnel who constantly undergo professional enhancement training, and certified commitment that no product of ours has been tested on animals.


B Clear is, therefore, a must that guides, has always guided and will always guide our choices and daily actions. For this reason, we proudly share everything we do with our end clients, who are not just the recipients of our efforts, but, above all, our constant source of inspiration.