Countering the signs of time: mission possible!


Are you, too, convinced that it’s simply impossible to have beautiful skin after reaching a certain age?


As time passes, the skin’s compactness, elasticity and tonicity gradually diminish. The dermis weakens, collagen fibers and elastin deteriorate and lose their ability to renew themselves, leading to the formation of our worst enemies: wrinkles.


As always, Dermophisiologique’s research labs are ready to respond to your skin’s every need and so have formulated three anti-age creams for mature skin, specific to each age group.


Aged 30 to 40

The Coēo line – specifically designed to treat sagging, relaxed skin – is perfect for those who are beginning to show signs of stress in the face, thanks to the presence of Biotechnological Hyaluronic Acid combined with Mineral Salts, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Natural Sugars.

 Coeo filler antiage Dermophisiologique

Aged 40 to 50

The Aeterna line, on the other hand, is ideal for re-sculpting lines that have faded with time, thanks to the exclusive  patented Gp4g® complex directly extracted from Artemia, for naturally lifted mature skin.

 Aeterna mature skin Dermophisiologique

Aged 50 and beyond

The products in our Line Control C5 are ideal for the mature woman (in age and experience) having to cope with deep lines and wrinkles. In fact, thanks to the presence of Cyclopeptide-5, with its replenishing, intensely restructuring action, this line offers the mature woman the chance to take years off the way her face and neck look.

 LineControl deep wrinkle Dermophisiologique

As well as choosing the best anti-age cream, bear in mind a few tips for your wellbeing:

-       Sleep: try to get at least 8 hours a night of proper sleep a night to give your skin a chance to regenerate 

-       Daily cleansing: to remove all impurities

-       Exfoliating peeling: this helps stimulate the production of collagene and elastin

-       Sun protection: the sun is one of the major causes of skin aging

-       Drink at least 2 liters of water a day: good hydration makes for radiant, youthful skin

-       Healthy diet: eat a balanced diet, rich in seasonal fruit and vegetables


With the right products, healthy habits and a lot of effort, you’ll find it possible to prevent and fight the signs of time.

Enjoy having glowing, radiant and increasingly youthful skin!








Claudia –Dermophisiologique Beautician

She is tough, very tough. She takes any imperfection as a challenge. 

For her there is no skin that cannot become beautiful! Her secret weapon: massage!