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Beauty FAQ: Are dietary supplements best taken in capsule form or as an infusion?

The skin is your body’s largest organ and its structural and functional condition depends on what you eat and introduce into the body.

DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS can be a valid help to help boost your wellbeing, especially in the case of an unbalanced diet, a change in the season, periods of stress or during weight loss.


Dietary supplements come in various forms, each exploiting different principles of assumption and bioavailability in order to provide multiple benefits for the body.


So, how can you choose the best dietary supplement to suit your needs?


First, you need to understand that dietary supplements in capsule form may contain mixtures that are particularly subject to oxidation within their protective coating. They will contain high concentrations of the active principle(s) and are assimilated during gastrointestinal transit (i.e. via the digestion process).


Dietary supplements in the shape of herbal infusions are fat-free and low calorie. They help keep your hydration levels up during the day, as they basically consist of water and specific functional substances that are absorbed by the body through intestinal fluids (i.e. without any gastric transit).


This means that dietary supplements consumed as a herbal tea or infusion are best if you suffer from a food intolerance or pathology that prevents you from assuming high concentrations of active principles in capsule form.



Always looking to improve skin health, Dermophisiologique has developed a line of dietary supplement infusions: Smart Infusion – Antiox, Snell & Dren, as well as a range of dietary supplements capsule: Chronox, Liposnell & Dermodren.


If you need antioxidant action to prevent premature aging of the skin caused by environmental and psychological stress or sun exposure, try our ANTIOX Smart Infusion or CHRONOX dietary supplement capsules: they help protect the immune system and restore the skin’s physiological balance.


SNELL Smart Infusion and LIPOSNELL dietary supplement capsules are ideal if you need to counter localized adipose or hard cellulite, or want to achieve balanced body weight during through a low-calorie diet.


Not just for cellulite, water retention, and heavy legs, but also for impure skin, DREN Smart Infusion is a 3-in-1 dietary supplement: Depurating, Draining & Digestive. DERMODREN dietary supplement capsules, on the other hand, are perfect for a complete body detox.


Dietary supplements in either capsule or infusion form can be taken to target a specific beauty problem (shock treatment) or combined with others to meet a range of needs.



Ask your Dermophisiologique professional for personalized beauty advice as to the best beauty treatment and dietary supplement for your specific needs. 



Smart Infusion and Capsules, dietary supplements offering different degrees of bioavailability, but sharing the same goal: wellbeing for your body and your skin! 




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